Is fly fishing better than standard rod and reel fishing?

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As a dedicated angler I liked to try all different forms of fishing. Over the last 20 years, I have had taken every fishing opportunity offered to me. As a young kid I started my fishing on my local lake in former Yugoslavia fishing for small roach, perch with occasional pike taking my smaller catch.

As I grow older my desire to try different types of fishing also grow stronger to the point I could no longer ignore them. I was 20 years old when I first got into fly fishing. However, my first fly fishing trip was a complete disaster. I spent more time pulling my flies from tree branches then actually doing any fishing. As a result, I packed my stuff and returned home and never planned to return.

The only problem was I don’t like to easily give up! Therefore, I continued to develop my knowledge on fly fishing through watching Videos and reading books. Another few months passed before, I was ready to pick-up my fly fishing rod and reel. I returned back to the small river in Newcastle Upon Tyne and slowly started to practice casting. When it comes to fly fishing the hardest part is the casting. It’s for this reason my anglers don’t try or easily give up fly fishing.

Once I got used to casting the fly correctly it was time to try and catch some wild brown trout. It was not long before I hooked my first baby trout and what a feeling it was. It was unlike anything else I have experienced before. Seeing the trout come up and take the fly from the surface of the river was just awesome. The fight which followed was even better.

After my initial failure and fear of fly fishing I continued with the sport to this date. My friends always ask me which is better normal fishing or fly fishing? Well, the answer is actually not that easy and it’s for this reason, I decided to write this blog post.

You see for me personally both forms of fishing have a place in my angling diary. I love coarse, sea and fly fishing equally. Some days, all I was to do is sit by a lake a watch my float go under when the fish takes my bait. However, other days, I want to be more of a hunter and this is where fly fishing comes into play.

With fly fishing I can get into the river, and walk into places where no other human has access to. This takes me into places I would not normally venture into. I can spend hours without seeing another human and this brings me even closer to nature then any normal type of fishing could ever.

Therefore, I could not say normal fishing or fly fishing is better then one or the other. For me both should be part of your angling adventures. However, one tip I can give you is to invest in the best fly fishing reel you can afford as it does make a big difference to the overall experience of fly casting and handling the fish once hooked.

I highly recommend the following article on best fly reels for the money to help you get started when it comes to making the right choice.

So next time you think if you should try fly fishing – don’t wonder too much just go out and give it a go. You will love it! But remember it does take time to learn the craft so, make sure you don’t give up on the first go.

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