Everything You Need To Know About Wreck & Reef Fishing

wreck and reef fishing

Wreck and Reef fishing has always been very close to my heart since I was a little kid. For good part of my younger life I would watch fishing programs about Wreck and Reef fishing but was never able to find someone to take me.  Therefore, when I gained my own independence as a young adult I could not wait to jump on the first boat to experience wreck and reef fishing for real.

If you are new to fishing you probably not know what wreck and reef fishing is. So, let me give you a brief introduction.

What is wreck fishing?

Wreck fishing is normally done off a boat however, in some parts of the world it’s possible to find wrecks near the coastline. A wreck is normally a human made object which has sunk in the sea and has not been recovered. For example a ship or a small boat. Such objects become homes to 1000s of different sea creatures over the years.  In the early 60s and 70s most anglers would come across wrecks by accident when they fishing line would get tangled in them.  However today even with the cheapest sonar equipment we can identify wrecks quickly and effectively

Wreck fishing is normally divided into two parts:

  1. Drift fishing
  2. Anchored fishing

Drift fishing is as the name suggests. You drift your bait above the wreck in the hope fish which are gathered outside the wreck will end up taking your bait. Normally you will have to hold you rod, and look for any sudden rod tip, or line movements to detect a bite.

The other option is to place your bait at the bottom of the sea bed and very close to the wreck. This will attract fish to come out and take the hooked bait. However, with this method you run the risk of getting tangled in the wreck.

Both methods of fishing provide excellent fun as long as you don’t get sea sick easily. North east coastline provides a large number of wreck fishing opportunities with many dating back to the 2nd Word War. The best place to start is to contact a North East Charter Boat skipper for further information on Wreck fishing.

What is reef fishing?

In fact reef fishing is not that much different from Wreck fishing. The main difference being reef is a natural produce of the sea bed. While wreck is something we humans have left behind.  Reefs are also much larger in size, and vary from country to country with many now endangered.

Reefs are home to millions of different fish species and range from very shallow to very deep waters.  In the UK we are not blessed with exceptional reefs. However, a good place to start would be Cornwall.

When it comes to fishing reefs you can apply the same methods as with wreck fishing.


Wreck and Reef fishing is something every angler should experience at some point in their life as long as you don’t get sea sick very easily. If you make use of the charter boats then you will be in the good hands of a very experienced skipper who will help you every step of the way. Without such service, you will struggle to get the best our of wreck and reef fishing.

Therefore, charter boats are your best place to start experience the wonderful world of wreck and reef fishing.


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