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Fox Pond Fishery North East

Once again I have been on a mission to find answers to questions put to me by Ne-Fishing members. This interview took me down the A1 and into the Foxpond fishery to meet the owner Rob Wales. The aim of the interview was to find out the history behind Rob and his plans for the future.

Foxpond Fishery
FoxPond Fishery (Picture provided by FoxPond)

Funnily enough, I met Rob at his Foxpond fishery early on one afternoon. The pond is situated in on a fairly small plot of land but occupied by very friendly people who are always on hand to help. The land was bought in early 1999 by Rob to build himself and his family a dream home and his own little trout pond. The pond was initially developed for personal use, somewhere Rob could return to after work and have a few hours of relaxing sport. For most of us owning our own pond is a distant dream but for some such as Rob it has become a reality.

Foxpond fishery

Things got even better for Rob when he turned his hobby pond into a successful business in 2003. Rob told me that while fishing the pond at night he would be approached by number of different passers by and asked if they would be allowed to fish as well. From this feedback he realised that there was an opportunity to earn a living while doing something he loved.

It was not until late May 2003 that his dream turned into reality and Fox Pond fishery was born. Now the pond is stocked with 150+ Rainbow trout all under 20lb. The Fox Pond fishery is a friendly place run by Rob, his son and his wife. The site offers a small but secure car park with the pond few meters away. There are refreshments available on the site as well a small tackle shop inside the cabin.

Foxpond Fishery Tackle Shop
Foxpond Fishery (Picture provided by FoxPond)

The FoxPond fishery is aimed at beginners mainly rather then advanced anglers. It is a place that will allow you learn the art of fly-fishing in a safe environment and where a helping hand is always available if you get stuck. This also a place where there is a realistic chance of catching your first 15lb + Rainbow trout. Rob told me that many anglers have started off here before moving onto bigger rivers and lakes. At present the fishery only allows fly and float fishing with worms.

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  1. Do you have a contact number for Rob? I want to speak to him about another of his fisheries but he’s since moved from Fox ponds and sold up.

    1. Hi Steven, I am so sorry but I don’t.. It’s been few years since the last time I visited the lakes. Thanks, Ne-Fishing

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