My Gtech eBike Fishing Trip


Some people can immerse themselves into a task so completely that they forget about their surroundings. For me, escaping reality is a little bit harder. I’m constantly drawn back to work by the buzz of my phone or a stray reminder. The same steering wheel that faces me on a weekend excursion also faces me during my weekend escapes. I can’t help be reminded of my commute and the drudgery of my day job.

When Gtech offered to send my brother and I a pair of eBikes to try, the timing couldn’t have been better. We had been trying to get a fishing trip together for ages. Every time it looked like the trip would happen, however, something would come up and drag us back to earth. We both viewed the trip as something we could reschedule. Now, our time with the bikes was limited. We cleared our schedules and planned a trip to Portaferry for a bit of fly fishing.

The Gtech eBike. Performance and Features

I had done quite a bit of research about eBikes before we ever saw the Gtechs, but John was caught totally unprepared. He had expected a long, complicated assembly process that produced something big, heavy, and clunky. Instead, all we had to do was charge the batteries and plug them into totally normal looking bicycle frames.


John was impressed but sceptical. He was pleased with how the bikes looked, but he didn’t think they’d have enough power to get us up all of the hills around Portaferry. He was especially concerned about how little they weighed. Our eBikes were maybe 3 kilos heavier than our regular bicycles. John didn’t think a motor that small would have any real power.

That was not the case. After we drove to County Down, John took the mountain bike (the eScent) and I rode the road bike (called the eCity) and we rode off. The power was incredible. While we both got a decent amount of exercise, the motors on our bikes took the brunt off of hills, headwinds, and stoplights. We were cruising along at 15 mph (the bike’s top speed, set by EU law) with practically no effort.

I can’t stress this enough. Normally, I downshift like crazy on hills and barely plod along at a walking pace. Since the Gtech electric road bike didn’t have any gears, I was very scared of the first hill we came across. Instead of plodding along, however, I was zipping along at well over 10 miles an hour with less effort than I’d normally use on level ground. John’s mountain bike had gears, but he reported a similar experience. Riding the Gtech eBikes was incredibly fun.

At some point during our ride, John turned off of the pavement and did a bit of off-roading on his eScent. It came equipped with the big, knobby tires, hydraulic disk brakes and front suspension that you’d expect from a regular mountain bike. John said it handled great. It was incredible to see him zipping along the trail with a carefree expression on his face.


We rode the bikes on a trail next to the sea for about four miles before stopping to fish. Even though we didn’t catch much, I consider our outing a great success. We were able to spend some quality time together and truly escape from our normal lives.

While I was on my Gtech eBike, I didn’t have a single work-related thought. All I thought about was how much fun I was having spending time with my brother. I can’t recommend the bikes we tried highly enough. They were incredibly fun to ride and offered my brother and I a perfect escape. They enabled us to enjoy absolute freedom in the Irish countryside in a totally unique way. Since the trip, I’ve been considering switching to an eBike for my normal work commute on days with good weather. While it won’t replace my car, it’s a great way for me to get some cardio and get a little bit more enjoyment out of my morning “drive.”

Are there any Gtech discount codes?

If you’d like to know more about the bicycles, I found Gtech’s website very helpful and informative when I was trying to decide which bicycle to buy. I ultimately went with the eScent model that John rode during our trip. Even if I don’t take it off-roading much, the bigger tires and suspension make for a smoother ride over the old streets in my neighbourhood.

Each eBike Sport was £995.00. At checkout you can use a Gtech coupon code to save money. After searching online for a valid Gtech coupon, unfortunately I was not able to find one.

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