10 Fishing Websites You Should Be Using Today

Fishing Websites

When I started NE-Fishing website many moons ago the internet was still in it’s infancy. However, as the years have passed the internet has evolved and now holds some of the best fishing websites on the planet. Most importantly majority of the fishing websites provide tons of FREE information to help you improve your catch rate.

Below you will find a list of some of the best fishing websites on the Internet all tested, and used by myself over the last 10 years.

So without further delay let’s get started.

10 – Anglers Mail

Anglers Mail
Anglers Mail

Angler’s Mail is a online magazine is one of the most established online and offline fishing magazines. The magazine is published weekly by IPC Media. The magazine covers a number of different aspects of modern fishing including:

  • Big fish Reports.
  • Where to fish within UK, Europe and Even Rest of the World.
  • Has a very good news section for coarse fishing.
  • Fishing tackle reviews however, many of the brands they review also advertise in the magazine. So, it’s recommended to look for further reviews if you decide to go ahead with the purchase of that particular fishing product.
  • They have a great section on how to catch coarse fish as well as big fish tips.
  • If you are into Match fishing  then you might be interested in their match fishing results.

9 – Angling Times aka GoFishing

Angling Times
Angling Times

Angling times is one of the oldest Fishing magazines with the history dating back to 1953. It’s also UK’s largest angling newspapers. One of the most important factors which has kept Angling Times at the top of the chart is their ability to attract and keep some of the best known names in the sport. For example Keith Arthur, John Wilson, Des Taylor, and Steve Ringer. I actually fished with Steve Ringer on the same lake during a Fish ‘O’ Mania competition back in to 2010.

8 – Angling Trust

Angling Trust
Angling Trust

Angling trust is a excellent fishing website for beginners providing you with all the legal information when it comes to fishing legally in the UK. The website also provides a number of different directories to help you get started from fishing tackle shops to finding a coach to help you get started or improve your fishing.

7 – Fish UK

Fish UK
Fish UK

If you are looking to get into fishing, or even if you a more experienced angler you can learn much more from Fish UK website. This fishing website provides all the information you need on different fish species and how to catch them including barbel, carp, eel and many more. Fish UK also has a number of different sections but many of them are a little out of date now.

6 – Fish Pal


Dedicated to fishing in Scotland providing a tons of information on fishing the stunning Scottish rivers and lakes. As well as this the fishing website provides quality reports on:

  • Catches updated hourly
  • River Levels update hourly
  • Online and Telephone Bookings
  • Where and When to go Fishing
  • Where to Stay and What you should take with you
  • Excellent customer support via help desk staff

5 – Advanced Carp Magazine

advanced carp magazine
Advanced Carp Magazine

Cream of the crop when it comes to carp fishing websites. Advance carp magazine is full of:

  • Latest Carp Tactics
  • Venue Catch Reports
  • Latest Product Reviews – however, as with Anglers Mail I would recommend you use their reviews as a starting point and look for alternative articles to confirm the accuracy of the product review.
  • Carp Fishing Videos
  • Carp Fishing Gallery
  • Classified section
  • Angling Answers
  • As well as a book shop

You can’t go wrong with Advanced Carp Magazine website.

4 – Lets Go Fishing

Lets Go Fishing
Lets Go Fishing

Lets Go Fishing website design is to say the least awful and that is me being nice. On the flip side this fishing website provides some of the best fishing resources online. You will learn how to tie different rigs, as well as fishing knots and all about the coarse fishing tackle. Overall, it’s a site worth it’s place in this list but sadly, it looks like the owners are no longer updating the site. So enjoy while it’s still online..

3 – Talk Angling

Talk Angling
Talk Angling

Talk Angling is a established fishing website with so much information that you could spend days glued to your laptop or mobile screen. The sites covers anything from Match Fishing and angling news to angling holidays. As well as this Talk Angling has a excellent fishing classifieds section which is ideal for anyone looking to grab some fishing tackle bargains.

2 – Anglers Net

Anglers Net
Anglers Net

Anglers Net has been around for years. Actually if I am correct they might have even been around when i started NE-Fishing. The site is based around a fishing forum and has a large following. Unlike many of the sites above the information provided is from true anglers who fish day in day out. Therefore, making this site one of the most up to date information fishing website online.

1 – Maggot Drowning


If you have been fishing for some time know I have no doubt you would have come across Maggot Drowning fishing website. The site is old, and looks old. This can put many off at the first visit, but if you stick around and look through the site then you will be pleasantly surprised.  Maggot Drowning is just a complete coarse fishing website with tons of useful fishing resources, and a buzzing fishing forum full of very helpful members. You are bound to learn new tactics, and meet some great people on Maggot Drowning forum and it makes no difference if you are new to fishing or a more experienced angler.

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