How To Save Money Buying Fishing Lures Online

fishing lures or fishing tackle shops

Fishing is an industry heavily influenced by major brand names and high prices, when it comes to saving money, often fishermen do not realise there is alternatives to the big brand names. The truth is, most fishing lures available today only serve the interests of the major companies, rather than the fishermen themselves. There is no reason most fishing lures should be above $5 USD, however the majority on the market often fetch between $7 USD to 12 USD each.

The reasons for this is simple, fishermen often are not educated in the type of lure they need, rather they rely upon the brand they need. This, coupled with the fact they often do not know where to find alternatives, leaves the customer to often purchase the higher priced products available in major stores.

An online fishing store however, do not have overheads, and often manufacture their own lures, which saves the customer a lot of money, providing more choice, lower prices and a less expensive means to go fishing.

The 3 main types of fishing lures most fishermen will encounter are mentioned below.

1: Spin Fishing Lures

Spin Fishing Lure

Spin fishing lures are a metal central shaft, with a treble hook at the end, and a weight in the middle of the shaft, with a spoon shaped piece of metal at the top. These lures work by spinning the spoot at high rotation during a retrieve at the correct speed, this spinning action attracts the target fish to attack.

2: Hard Body Diving Fishing Lures

fishing lures or fishing tackle shops

These lures look like actual fish, and have a clear plastic diving bib at the front, this angled piece of clear plastic drives the lure deep into the water, where it can be seen by fish near the bottom. These lures also have a thin tipped end at the tail, which causes the rear end to sway left and right when retrieved, further adding to the attraction of a nearby target fish.

3: Soft Plastic Fishing Lures

Soft Plastic Grub Lure

Soft plastic fishing lures are made from silicone, and come in two main types, grub style lures and swimmer baits.

Grub style lures look like a tree grub or large worm in the body, and have a thin circular shaped tail which streamlines when retrieved in the water. The tail streamlining means it sways up down left right and in a circular motion, drawing attraction of nearby fish.

Swimmer-baits are different in that the body is often shaped like a small fish, and the tail has a thick end on it which is curved slightly, this heavy curved tail will begin to wag strongly left to right when retrieved at the correct speed. This effect produces heavy vibrations in the water and is an attractant to nearby fish.

Soft Plastic Swimbait Lure

In terms of buying fishing lures, all you need to know is these 3 main types. You can then find the best price for each style you prefer. All will work perfectly with most predatory fish.

Predatory fish include perch fish, bass fish and pike. It also includes marine fish like bream and snapper. Trout and salmon are also caught using the 3 main lure types mentioned above.

When it comes to finding the best price, all you need to do is search online for fishing lures or fishing tackle shops, find an online store that has the best price and purchase online, this way you can find generic or lesser known brands and save money, while still using the best quality lures to catch the fish you are targeting.

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