How To Choose The Best Fishing Lure

Best Lures

Lure fishing for me personally, is one of the most exciting methods of fishing.

As I am getting older my ability to stay still without getting too bored seems to be also diminishing. However, with lure fishing I can kills two birds with one stone. I get to fish, and I get to move around looking for the next best spot to cast my lure into.

If you are new to fishing you probably don’t know the different between bait and lure fishing. So, let me give you a brief introduction.

The main difference between bait and lure fishing

Bait fishing is carried out using some form of bait which the fish can take with the hook. For example worms, maggots, fish, bread and the list goes on and on. While with lure fishing you will normally use something which imitates either a moving fly or fish.

However, this is not the only difference!

For me the main difference is that with bait fishing you normally stay in one place. You also cast out the bait into one position and wait for the fish to take you bait. If you are anything like me than you might find this type of fishing a little too boring. As the weather gets colder the fish movement also slows down. This normally means that you can sit in the cold for hours without getting a single bite. For me personally this can get very frustrating.

Don’t you agree?

If so, please read on as I am about to give you the ultimate solution to this problem.

Drop the heavy fishing gear, and opt for the lighter spinning rod and few artificial lures. As with lure fishing you will be on the move every few minutes. For me this is the main difference between lure and bait fishing.

Now you are hooked onto lure fishing – how do you choose the best fishing lure?

The best place to start is to visit the lake, pond, river or coast line you plan to fish. Have a look around for what might be flying or jumping. Check for small frogs, grasshoppers and crickets. Speak to locals about what fish the water holds. For example if you are after a pike – find out what smaller fish the water holds. This will give you some idea on what the pike feeds regularly. Nothing better then to find a lure similar to what the pike already knows tastes good.

The same method applies to bass fishing or in fact any other predatory fish. By this stage you should have some idea on the type of lure you require. However, this is not the time to stop your imagination running wild.

In order to explain why let me take you to your favourite bakery.

Have you ever gone into your local bakery just buy your every day loaf of bread, but walked out with much more! Well, the same applies to hungry predatory fish! From time to time they like to try something new.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing the lure – don’t be afraid to experiement with different colours, shapes, sizes and weights.

If you stuck for idea where to buy you next best lure then I recommend you try as they have a very good selection.

Most importantly have fun!

Until next time – tight lines and thank you for reading.

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