It’s has been a hard year for us salmon anglers! The summer fishing was badly affected by low water in our rivers making it almost impossible for the fish to move upstream. The rivers around North East dropped off early July and have only now started to recover. We have seen 4 inches of Rainfall in the last few days lifting the river levels as well as re-oxygenating the water.

This is why Autumn Salmon fishing can be at its most productive. Hopefully the rain should have provided enough water for the fish to make their way upstream. I find that the best way to catch Salmon at this time of year is with a spinner. I prefer to use a flying-c spinner because of their good record. This is probably one of the best salmon spinners of its time and most of all comes in many different sizes. You can buy a flying-c from most good tackle shops and they cost between £2 – £3 – so not too expensive. I prefer to use either yellow or black but it’s all down to personal preference.

Flying-C Spinners

If you have packed up your rods until next year then you might have made a big mistake. I suggest you get them unpacked, dusted and make good use of the next few weeks. You still have a good chance of catching a good size salmon from our North East Rivers.

What ever you do have a good time and stay safe. I am off to River Wear armed with some flying-c and a small spinning rod.

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