Lynemouth Beach

The autumn is upon us and once again the hardy sea anglers are out in the search for that double figure cod… The season has gone off to a great start with most competition producing at least one cod. The pleasure anglers around the region have also had great success with one angler catching 5 cod for 16lb from Newbiggin. In fact most venues are producing including Whitburn where one lucky angler landed a 4lb Red Cod from the rocks.

In my eyes this is one of the best starts to the Cod season in years. There are Cod out there to be caught but you must be determined as it can be hard going at times especially as nights get cooler. It’s not easy but then fishing never is. That is why we like it!

Cod Caught From Lynemouth Beach

At the moment the best bait seems to be peeler crab however, we are in a short supply of them. Therefore, if you can find a supplier then buy in bulk so you stock up for the winter. On average you are looking about 50 – 70 pence per crab in most tackle shops. If you can’t get hold of any then lug would be my next favourite choice.

Keep your rigs simple and make sure the crab is tied on to the hook to ensure it stays on longer. Cod bites can be anything from a simple pull to line slacking off. So keep a close eye for any line or tip movement.
Whatever you do enjoy it and stay safe!

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