Update on Angel of The North Fishing Lakes

Angel of the North

If you remember back in January I wrote an article on the Angel of The North fishing lakes (click here to read the article) and since then I have been following their progress.

With only 5 days left until the opening I returned to the lakes to get one last look before the big day to give you some idea of what to expect. The most noticeable difference is the bridge to the match island, where supporting railings have been added.

The surrounding area has been improved with new grass, flowers and an electronic gate. The site is secure with 24 CCTV in operation. The easiest way ensure you have access is to book your ticket online via the website (website address below) where you will be given a security code to for the gate.

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I have also been informed that the bait rule has been changed and you will now be allowed to use variety of different baits, not just pellets. For more details on the baits please contact Ann on 0191 4100449 who will be more then happy to help.

Ann and Arthur Adlington (Owners)
Happy Fishing we now have the most FANTASTIC FISH
I would say in the NORTH of ENGLAND

I had a good look around all the 3 lakes and was impressed with the amount of fish in each lake. There was a lot of carp movement especially on the smaller lake where I spotted around 12 carp coming up to the surface.

Here are some pictures of the fish:


North East Fishing Carp

North East Fishing Carp

Lookout Lake stocked Rudd aged 4 beautiful fish, Golden Rudd stunning 4 years old, Tench from 5 lbs and Lots of 2 lbs to 5 lbs…Crucian Carp from 2 lbs 4 oz and lots to 3 lbs 11 oz some cracking fish. Bream of six inch to about 1.5 lbs some great fish, Carp from 12oz to 2 lbs and our Ghost Carp average weight 7 lbs wow some stunningly beautiful fish, Golden Tench what bonny and delightful fish, 8 to 10 inches and some well over 10 inches. Perch and Roach also has been stocked

Bowes was stocked with large numbers of fish at an average weight of 5lbs 4oz common, mirror, ghost and Leather Carp of superb quality. Large numbers of fish of 16lbs to 20 lbs 4 oz again Common, Ghost, Mirror and some Leather, And our crackers of 60 fish 21 lbs to 30 lbs 8 oz added to our 12oz to 2 lbs and five high 30s WOW!!!! So now we just need the fish to settle and feed well before opening.

Bassetts Fully Stocked the owners were privileged to get Golden Tench 6 to 8 inches what colours these are, Golden Orff some stunners, Rudd, Golden Rudd magical fish, and Crucian Carp adding to Tench, Carp, Bream, etc so a fantastic selection of magical fish, with some excellent sizes this will be a good second mixed coarse pond for the angler who still comes fishing in foul weather, as it is the most sheltered pond.

Disabled Peg Design

Disabled Peg Design

Swans found a new home!

Disabled Peg Design

The lakes will open at 7am on Saturday 30th April 2005. As there will be a limited number of fishing spots I recommend you pre-book your tickets to avoid disappointment.

For more info visit: http://www.angelnorthlakes.com/

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