Getting into fishing on a budget!

Getting into fishing on a budget!

There are many curious people out there in the world wondering if they themselves would enjoy fishing as much as us anglers. Unfortunately, many of them never get a chance to try it usually because they are not prepared to spend a lot of money on tackle before getting taste for the sport. It does not have to be that way! There are many different roads towards becoming an angler and I am going to cover some of them.

Prior to fishing tackle shops and commercials there still used to be a fishing world. Humans have fished since we can care to remember and still managed to catch fish without bite alarms, expensive rods and reels. Catching fish in them days required much more skill and determination. However, now that we live in the 21st century we have it all fish finders to electric bait droppers. Do we need all this? I don’t think so! The more the technology invades our fishing the less we will enjoy it. There will be no skill left in fishing. It will be a case of just sitting down and letting the computer next to you do the job.

Many potential anglers give up before even starting just because they walked around a lake and noticed anglers with all sorts of different tackle and baits. Yes, sometimes even I get embarrassed sitting next to an angler with half a tackle shop around him. However, it does not have to be this way. Angling can and should be started with the basic – rod, reel, line, hook, float, few shots and some maggots/worms. This all the tackle you need to get fishing on most rivers and lakes in UK.

Where to start? Visit your local tackle shop. The easiest way to find a local shop is to pick up your yellow pages and have look under ‘tackle shops’. Most tackle shops will be more then happy to help and give you advice that will hopefully get you fishing quickly and without spending too much money. Look to spend around £20 – £40 for a starter set. This will usually include all the tackle needed for your first session on the bank.

Starter tackle is not the best tackle in the world and would probably not last very long however, it gives you a starting point. Once you are hooked on fishing then you can start to look around to find a more suitable rod and reel, which you personally feel comfortable with. It’s worth paying a little bit extra as some rods can last a very long time if looked after properly. I have a Browning feeder rod, which, I bought second hand 5 years ago, and it’s still like new.

Don’t want to buy any tackle? Well, there is room for you as well on our banks. Most regions have at least one commercial venue. For examples North East has Angel of the North Lakes for coarse anglers and just across the road you will find Foxpond a Trout fishery. Commercials are excellent places to start as they normally provide rod and reel hire and great support. This way you will not be on your own and if you get stuck there is always someone to help you catch that first fish.

IMPORTANT! Before you start fishing on rivers, lakes or ponds you will require to hold a rod licence. OK! Don’t Panic! It’s not all that bad. Even though most of us anglers purchase yearly licences you don’t have to. Environmental agency issues rod licences either for a 1-day, 8 days or 1-year licences. You can buy a rod licence from most post offices or online at .If you are intending on fishing for Sea fish such as cod then you will not require a rod licence.

Also before fishing for coarse or game fish please check if you require a permit to fish your intended lake, pond or river stretches. Most of the ponds and lakes are run by angling clubs and therefore require permits. Some clubs allow day tickets on their waters and some only offer yearly memberships. Certain River Stretch can be fished for free as long as you hold a valid Rod Licence.

I have tried to keep this article simple and straightforward as much as possible. I know myself that getting into fishing is not easy especially if you don’t know whom to ask. Therefore, this article has been written to help you get started.

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